Friday, 1 April 2016

Crochet - A New Go-To For Crafting in Spring Weather

With spring weather finally making an appearance here in Ottawa I keep finding myself less drawn to my sewing machine and more pulled to a sunny window - or even crazier- outside. Helene has now taken her first walk outside on the grass (she learned to walk in the middle of winter so only walks inside so far). She is now 16 months old as is becoming a little toddler in abilities and attitudes. I barricaded her in the living room today and she goes between free play on her own with little things and brings me books to read every five minutes. Her meals are getting bigger, her bottles fewer and her naps fewer still... this means a lot less quilting time. This is where crochet comes in!

A few months ago I started watching YouTube crafting videos (or had them on the background while playing with V tech toy farms all morning). I stumbled across Melanie Ham and I have really enjoyed her casual but informative tutorials. Melanie produces high quality interesting and on trend DIY tutorials that I really enjoy watching. One of her most popular topics is her crochet videos, and I always skipped over them as I gave up crochet when I was ten after my grandmother tried patiently to teach me. Then spring came and I thought to myself that crochet would be a great craft to do while I'm watching the little's play. It was better than hand applique (too many sharp things), was fairly inexpensive and the projects always look so impressive!

Melanie has a crochet video on Granny Squares and I really loved the finish look of the square, I am finding crocheting in the round a challenge but I am enjoying the learning process. I decided it would be a great way to learn some more advanced crocheting while getting ready for one of our homeschooling projects for the fall. I decided that during our pioneer/first peoples studies I would teach Chloe about natural dyeing of materials. I think a crochet table cloth will be a grat candidate for dyeing because the 100% cotton natural wool I found will soak in the dye well, and a little variation in the saturation of colour will be great for a table cloth. I am doing the granny squares with only the natural cotton wool instead of switching colours in the traditional way they are made and it is really turning out great. I also realized that doing them all in one colour is hiding my imperfections as I learn!

So far from Melanies tutorials I have made 3 scarves (all different) 4 washcloths and now I have started my granny square table cloth project! If you would like to check out some of Melanie's tutorials go to . There are tons and tons of crochet videos on YouTube so I suggest finding one person you are inspired by rather than watching a million different videos - some people explain better than others and techniques can vary greatly.

I hope this inspires you to pick up a hand craft and enjoy this warm weather we are having. I think some crochet in a comfy chair (of course wrapped in a quilt, we are still in Canada) and a hot cup of coffee on the deck sounds kind of amazing right now... For now I will settle for the front room with the big window and the Elmo toys.
Helene running to grab my camera and my project!

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