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Upon request I have completed sewing, quilting and other fiber related positions and jobs.
I have run my own children's clothing business and have experience in sales of materials and finished products.

After sewing for 6 years, working in fabric shops and being an active member of a quilting guild I have a unique skill set that brings a lot of experience to fiber related projects.

Some previous fiber works includes:

Making sample cards for textile companies and distributors. (both silks and natural fibers)
Making custom clothing out of art printed fabrics.
I have created many different sets of children's clothing from vintage style coats to knitwear and sleepwear. (I am always educated on the laws concerning safety in sleepwear for children)

I have experience in sewing cottons, rayon, silk, polyesters, cashmere, animal fibers such as wool and alpaca, stretch knits.
Garments and projects I have successfully completed include formal outwear, formal evening wear, bag making, children's clothing, and home decor pieces like pillows, curtains ect.

My quilting experience is very high - I have taken classes both on site and online - I am a confident machine quilter - and have hand sewing skills to enhance traditional quilts.  I have done bead work, wall hangings and bed quilts.

I am currently in charge of a local quilds charity baby quilt program. For more information on the baby quilt program please visit my other site : 

Please feel welcome to email me at

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