Friday, 1 April 2016

Our Very First Give-Away!

Hello readers I am so happy you stopped by and you will be glad you did!

Today I am posting to tell you about this great quilting book that has become an essential bedtime story in our family! Brandy Lynn, you probably recognize the name as she is the host of Canadian Quilt Talk (among other crafting ventures) recently wrote a charming children's book called, "Kristy's Quilt". I was so excited that Brandy wrote a children's book about quilting because I am always involving my five year old daughter in my own quilting endeavors. I ordered the book and Brandy was kind enough to sign the inside and I cannot even tell you how excited my five year old was when she saw that Brandy had wrote her name and a little message on the inside!

When we read the story I was very impressed at one thing in particular - the book was about modern quilters. Now, I don't mean modern as in only using contemporary fabrics or a certain type of quilting - I mean modern in a sense that the story is about a bunch of quilters at a retreat, using rotary cutters and sewing machines! Most storybooks about quilts that I have gotten from the library have been about an old hand pieced quilt from a special grandma, and please don't misunderstand, those quilts are sometimes the most special ones, but they don't really connect with our family.

Best way to carry your favourite quilt
Recently my daughter Chloe sewed her first quilt, a 24" x 24" patchwork piece for her little sister. Chloe had a stack of 5" squares, arranged them, sewed them, and quilted them all by herself. She was so proud of this quilt and she learned so much during the process. Her baby sister of course loves it and points at the little Elmo while carrying it around all day and night. Chloe's quilting experience was a modern one - she used pre-cuts, a sewing machine, and even decorative stitches for the actual quilting.

Even this squirrel wanted to hear the story!
Chloe's experience is just like the experience the little girl in the book is having, and Chloe really connects to the story. Another great part of the story is the sense of community and sharing from the quilters it portrays. My daughter is going to her first guild meeting this month and is very excited to help me at the Charity Baby Quilt table, and this book really shows quilters off in a great light. The story tells how the quilting community is one of the most supportive communities that you can find - all we want to do is share! How else can you describe a craft based on hundreds of hours of planning, cutting, pinning, sewing ect. just to give that work away to a charity or a special neighbor. Quilters are givers - quilters are sharers and I am so excited to welcome my daughter into this special community. She already loves visiting our local quilt shop and last month she learned from one of the ladies working there how to purchase a thread that blends with your patchwork for the quilting design.

This leads me to the really exciting part- remember how I said that quilters love to share? Well, Brandy Lynn from is definitely one of those quilters because she offered a free signed book to one lucky reader on this site!
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This book is a great addition to anyones bookshelf and supports an amazing Canadian quilter and author! Here is where you can purchase your own copy: Purchase the book HERE

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