Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Moving to... Montreal!


Today I am posting about my family's newest adventure - moving to Montreal! My husband has been offered a contract at Google in Montreal so that means we are moving! We plan on coming back to Ottawa after the contract, (that is the plan for right now) and we will be splitting our time between Ottawa and Montreal for a while. We LOVE Montreal. We currently visit once every couple months and have said many times that it is our favourite city.

Our daughter Chloe will be home schooled for the year and I am SO excited! I have always wanted to home school and this was the perfect opportunity while we are splitting our time between here and there. This means Chloe can do her schoolwork all week (staying on the Ontario curriculum) - join groups, visit museums, ect - but still come back to Ottawa about once every one or two weeks to continue some of her sports and activities back home. It will also make it easier for Chloe to join her old school again when (and if) we return back to Ottawa permanently.

I will still have my place in the Ottawa Valley Quilters Guild and will never miss a meeting (I have only missed one - but I had given birth 4 days prior). We are lucky enough to have my parents staying here in Ottawa that we can visit as much as we need. We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to split our time between the two cities (especially because they are only a couple hours apart).

I will keep posting as our moving adventure continues - especially my exciting home schooling journey! <3

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