About Me

Hello, I am Samantha Le Blanc and I wanted to create a little space to record my work, and share it with the world. I am a young mom living in Ottawa, Canada, and I love to sew. I am a babywearing, quilting, costume making mom who believes in taking risks, having adventures and enjoying all that family life can bring. I am married to my long time love, have two small daughters and way too many pets.

My Sewing 'Career'

It all started when I was pregnant for my daughter (2009) and my mother taught me how to sew all the bedding and linens for her nursery. The hand made pieces were prettier, customized and more affordable than just purchasing off the shelf! It wasn't the cost that I fell in love with though, it was that custom, 'only for you' feeling I got while making her these handmade pieces.

From then on I have sewn hundreds of items, upgraded my sewing tools, and make it a constant part of my life. I have worked in fabric shops, sold items at craft shows, and I am now an active member of a quilt guild.

I sew toys, clothing (for kids and adults), home decor ect. I have quilted over 40 quilts in only a few years. Some are as small as table runners, all the way up to a king size bed quilt. I quilt on a domestic sewing machine that I recently got a drop down cabinet for. I am now the baby quilt coordinator for my local quilt guild, and that keeps my family pretty busy. Quilt night is date night in our home as my husband is also a member! To find out more about the baby quilt charity, please click

on my other website,  here

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