Friday, 19 September 2014


Well hello,

I have been gone from this little website since March...I do apologize but there is a very good reason. I am having another baby! Another little girl was in the stars for us and we are due December 2nd. A lot has happened since March, a lot that has confirmed what I am passionate about. Over the last few months I have realized that I truly respect and want to thrive at what I would call, "the womens arts". Some people might all it Betty Draper syndrome from the 1960's, some may just call it being a housewife, but there is so much more to it than that.

My family and I spent the summer in the United States while my husband did some training. This basically left me and my daughter picked up and dropped in another country, with different lifestyles. We didn't know anyone, and most people in the city we were in kept to themselves. Often we were the token Canadians being asked about moose, bear and snow problems. I can assure these people that yes, moose, bear and snow are often news here in Ottawa, but there is much more to Canada. Like maple syrup... No just joking!

This trip, combined with my pregnancy, has really pushed me into motherhood overdrive. I had to battle anxiety during my early pregnancy, after having lost pregnancies before, mixed with being an example of confidence for my daughter during our move. This, while challenging, has strengthened my bond with my daughter and husband to a level I never thought possible.

Now to the exciting! The baby is due in 10 weeks and I am sewing, cooking, preparing and loving more than ever. With my daughter now in kindergarten I have a little more time to spend on dinner preperations, craft ideas, and really working on my needlework. Over the next little while I will be posting photos and updates on my recent crafts, for example, I have been beading a wall hanging for the last 6 hours! .. Unfortunaltly I only have 3 out of probably 100 lines of beadwork done.

Thank you for checking back as we enter fall, spend time with family, cozy up and get back to home.

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