Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Why Every House Needs a Guinea Pig!

Long time no writing! This season my baby turned one year old and we are back online, back to sewing, back to exploring.

This year I would love to recycle more. I have always loved nature and animals since I was a small child. My love for preserving this planet and making it better for my children is something I really feel strongly about.

I feel like I am not the only quilter with this mentality. Quilting is recycling. Quilting started as a way of using up old fabrics and turning them into something that was a necessity. Warm blankets were needed, fabric is expensive, voila. This is recycling at its finest (no blue bin looks as pretty as a quilt). I try to apply this idea of waste nothing to all of my life.

A way I have embraced this is best shown in our holiday traditions. Instead of buying new decorations every year for whatever holiday, I will go around the house and grab things that could apply and just group them. I make quilts from scraps and hang them at a certain holiday, my kids look forward to these pieces, they become heirlooms, and create no waste while being festive. 

 Also, I love tidiness and organization as much as I love my holistic eczema creams and handmade shampoos in recycled plastic bottles. This year we received a new filing system for Christmas and I couldn't wait to label and sort and group.While sorting, I ended up with a huge pile to shred but before I tossed all that shredded paper away, I realized something.

Image result for copyright free image guinea pigI realized every house needs a guinea pig! No, I'm not joking. I may be a bit allergic but that doesn't stop me from having one of the cutest rodent creatures in my living room. Not only is this little guy a squeaky friendly, never bites, great with kids little friend... but he is a GREAT recycler! 

Let me explain, Mr. Guinea Pig lives on shredded paper, and eats a large amount of leftover food. Whenever we clean out the fridge he gets all the fruits and veggies he can handle. He eats pretty much anything and he eats it fast. When he eats these, he eats his kibble less, taking less money to house him as well. He sleeps on shredded scribble drawings and junk mail. 

We may not live on a farm, but I would like to adopt a more old school farmhouse philosophy. Waste nothing. No fabric thrown away, mend instead of replace, and don't waste any food. 

Happy Making <3 

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