Friday, 21 March 2014

Summer Accuracy Challenge Quilt - End of March Break

Last week was a huge success with our march break fun! Here are some quick pics that explain the lack of sewing last week. Every night was not spent in the sewing room, it was spent at the kitchen table with my husband planning the next days activities :)

Dessert - Ant hill (pudding, cookie crumb)
bug board game

Bug shells found camping last year. Yes even spider..

Many many trips to library to explore each theme!

Lady bug pizza!

Princess's do not eat regular animal crackers. Must have princess sprinkles!

Princess castle for royalty day!

Planted some seeds on garden day! They are sprouting already!

My sewing room window is now occupied!

With all this going on I didn't have much time to sew, but it did give me some time to plan and really go outside the box for my next quilt. I spent an hour at the fabric shop by myself on Friday and I chose colours I never ever would have picked. They are summer orange, pale green and rich green, all based on a focus fabric. This week I have begun piecing them into a quilt from the book "Shape Workshop for Quilters" by Katy Jones, Briono Greenberg, Tacha Brucher and John Adams. I  found this book at the library and have really enjoyed their take on things. It really focuses on shapes and how they base almost all our quilts. Master the shape, the quilt comes naturally. Can you guess the shape of focus in my quilt?

I am having a lot of fun with this quilt. I love the background fabric because it is white, (for my summer quilt I wanted white to be background, I think white always looks so crisp), but it isn't simply white, it has the pale green in it for some flower outlines. I will add that these are not all from the same collection at all. The solids obviously are and they have no right and wrong side which I love and are turning out to be a lot of fun. 

Because I have this lovely vegetable garden started in my sewing room, it has taken up most of my side desk. I will admit to being quite worried about this when assembling but I have found that I love it! 

The small bench's I stacked actually provide a bit of a low shelf, this makes tucking my project away from little hands very easy! Also the pieces do not slide around on the wood nearly as much as they did on the shiny desk, no pieces getting lost! It also makes it easy to organise but still have space for the pattern in the book. From the leftovers you can see I am making simple pinwheel blocks (right bottom corner) for another hospital baby quilt.

If you remember this years goal was about accuracy. I am proud to say this is my most accurate quilt. Ever. I have never taken my time to piece each little seam like I am now, and it really is worth it.

Well happy spring everyone! At least that's what the calendar says. My window would have to disagree! There is still 3 feet of snow on my front lawn. 

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