Thursday, 2 January 2014

Resolution time!

Happy New Year!  Cue the noisemakers, confetti and all that silly stuff. I hope you had a fantastic holiday, saw all your family and friends, and really enjoyed the season. Here is a picture from our holiday, a view from about 10 minutes from my home, it is taken in Ottawa overlooking to river and into Quebec;

A new year is here and that is fantastic! This is the time of year for resolutions, goals, fresh starts and for quilters... new Block- Of - The - Month clubs! Yippee! To start of the year I have joined Amy Gibson's Sugar Block Club again and I cannot wait to get started. Today I went to the fabric shop (with my 3 and half year old in tow) and chose the fabrics we will use for the year. I picked 6 different fabrics ranging in values and complexity of print. I steered clear of absolute solids though, and this was new because normally I use a couple prints and mix with solids, but not this time. My neutral fabrics look solid from far away, but are actually small prints. This is what I chose:

As I said earlier this is the time for resolutions, and unlike most people, I tend to stick to my resolutions. Last year I decided I wanted to be a better mom, a more involved mom. I really felt at the end of the year that I accomplished that. I feel very close to my daughter :). I also achieved some of my quilting goals! I learned paper piecing this year and tried many other techniques I am proud of. I joined a guild, I made quilty friends and I presented my work for the very first time to the guild. 

This being said it is time for this years resolutions! This year I have some specific goals for myself, on a personal level;

1. Cook  more meals, avoid getting stuck in kitchen ruts. This includes homemade snacks for my daughter, rather than things like goldfish crackers, maybe a homemade oatmeal muffin instead. 
2. Help my husband more! This includes everything from making sure his office shirts are ready to kissing him goodbye at the door. (Making his lunch wouldn't hurt either) 
3. Take time to reflect and live in the moment, not look forward so much. Eat, pray, love sort of thing. 

These are all personal goals... now for the good stuff! The quilting goal! This year is the year of.... ACCURACY! No more rushing, no more jamming it through the machine. I have a beautiful sewing space that is well lit, well organized and decorated with some fun things. My work needs to reflect that I like to take my time in that room and not rush. I am very proud of all the techniques I learned (or invented in the case of my light up quilt..see above) and I challenge everyone to learn one thing this year they swore they would never try.

Happy 2014!

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