Monday, 16 December 2013

Baby its cold outside.

I quilted this quilt based on the 12 inch blocks, ignoring the rest of the peicing and just did a large motif in each of the 12 inch blocks. I really love the look of this and would do it again. 

I used the bamboo batting! I told you I would and I did! I actually really enjoyed the bamboo batting for the middle of quilt. It was soft, incredibly warm and not bulky at all. I would say everything is positive about bamboo batting except for one small thing. The bamboo batting clung really tightly to the quilt top and bottom. That was great, but if I have one quilting flaw it would be the fact that I struggle getting my quilt backs flat and tight when basting and I tend to have a couple small pleats in the back. Maybe this will be my quilting resolution this New Years. Overall, I would recommend the cotton/bamboo blend batting, if you can afford it (or if you find a great deal like I did!).

The quilt I made for a certian Great-Grandmaman. It has the bamboo batting inside. The whole quilt was paper peiced. Free motion quilted.

Christmas is nearing and today I baked 8 dozen cookies. That sounds like a lot of cookies for a family of merely 3 people and a large cat who is not allowed cookies. I am dividing them in half, some for Christmas Eve with my fantastic French Canadian in-laws, and the other half for us. My house smells of ginger and cinnamon!

My daughter sewed these litte stocking decorations with her Grandmaman
She even used her buttons from her large collection.
Sewing last year at this time was simply crazy. I had so many projects not in completion that I was intending to gift that I would sew until 2am, then go to work the next morning. I can proudly say that this year..... I DONE! VOILA! I want to dance it makes me so happy. I am so excited that I can enjoy what Christmas is really about... family, our Christianity, tradtiton, and not have to stress over the material things like presents and lists of people and gift cards.

This year my Christmas gifts included 5 or 6 full quilts, place mats, table runners, pj's, the whole lot. I even finished my 3 year old daughters Christmas dress in plenty of time. This year the dress happened like this. "Chloe? Where are  you?" I said at the cutting table of a small fabric store near our home. "Right here Mom...and look... I found fabric that is PURPLE AND GOLD AND SPARKLY!!! AHHH" Replied my darling daughter. At least it was on sale? It is actually pretty cute and when she brings me these things, (like a large bolt of fabric almost as big as her, when she carried it, you couldn't even find her!) I tend to take it as a small challenge... sort of like one of those TV game shows where you get these ingredients or these decorations and they send you on some crazy mission.

With all this said and done, tomorrow my darling daughter is at 'double school' meaning she goes for the morning and afternoon on special Fridays (getting ready for full day kindergarten next year!!). So you know what I am going to do? I am going to make a tree skirt out of the leftover purple and gold and sparkly fabric! We are cutting the tree down this weekend and we are going with a purple and gold theme this year. I try to embrace whatever my daughter is into. This year was the year of purple.

With the new year coming I am very excited to start some new BOM (Block of the Month clubs). Of course the first one will be Amy Gibsons, she has promised us a new challenge of improving ourselves along the way, small challenges type of thing. Should be a lot of fun. Now it is time to sit back, enjoy a peppermint mocha, choose a cookie from the 8 dozen on my counter and start cleaning the scrap-filled sewing room.

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