Saturday, 4 January 2014

Free Tutorial - Quilted Chore Chart/Weekly Menu Holder

Tutorial Time!

This is my tutorial for what I call a "Quilted Chore Chart/ Weekly Menu"

My daughter is starting to do some routine things and I thought it was time for a chore chart for the fridge. Something we can put stickers on and keep track of what she does. At the end of the week, if all the stickers are full, she gets to head to to store for a treat of her choice. This free- pattern tutorial would also work for a weekly menu on your fridge. At our house we have a menu for two weeks at a time. It is a paper cover that hangs on the fridge and is a cute and easy project for your home. Lets get started!

Materials Needed:

  • A peice of fabric that is 2 inchs bigger (on all sides) than a standard printer sized sheet of paper 
  • A contrasting (or not) peice of fabric 1 inch bigger (on all sides) than a standard sized sheet of printer paper. 
  • A peice of batting the same approximately the same size as a peice of printer paper
  • (4)  4inch square peices of fabric (I coordinated mine to the background but it could be scrappier if you like)
  • (1) 2 inch wide Strip of fabric slightly longer than a sheet of printer paper
  • (1) 3 inch long by 2 inch wide strip
  • 1 peice of printer paper
  • 1 peice of thin cardboard/thick cardstock -same size as printer paper

The Steps

Place your largest peice of fabric (the one that is two inchs bigger all around) with wrong side up and trace the cardstock shape onto the wrong side. 

Take your squares, fold them in half, right sides together, and sew down the open sides. Leave about 1 inch at the end so that you can flip them right side out.

After flipping the triangles right side out, sew the open seam closed, and press. Repeat for all 4 squares. These will be the corners of your chart holder.
 Next, sew the long strip into a tube, either sew a long and slip it over, or fold it twice into itself and sew. Either way, you end up with a long sewn strap, longer than a printer paper. 
Now this is what we have so far. The grey fabric you see here is the inside peice. It is slightly smaller than the outer fabric. 
Now it is time to layer up. Leaving the backing fabric wrong side up, place the batting in the already traced square. (we traced the cardboard in the center to show us the size our paper will be) Now place your inner fabric on top, right side up. Baste (I used safety pins) the layers together and you are ready to quilt them. 

I sewed the edges down then just bounced around with my walking foot for a fun quilting design that is easy. The quilting isnt important here so do whatever you like. Do make sure it isn't too lightly quilted, the more quilting, the stiffer it will be to hang up. The stiffer the better. 

Next I trim off the excess inside fabric. It is also a good time to lay down your cardboard and double check that there is a smidgen of grey all around. 

Now it is time to lay down all you triangles and middle strip like this. You then sew along the border of the inside fabric, sewing over the edges of the triangles and the middle strip so that everything stays in place. 

Now we use the border as binding. Fold it onto itself twice, pin, and sew the edges down. You will now be ready to attach the key ring to hang it.

Make the key ring the same way as you made the middle strap. Then fold over the end to form a loop and sew it down. You can hang it like this, or, I attached a keyring to the end to make it that much easier to hang up.


Attach the strap by lining it up with the middle on the wrong side and sewing into place. You now have your completed menu/chore chart holder! Time to hang it up!

 Place the paper inside, I also had a peice of cardstock behind the paper just to keep it nice and stiff. Depending on the batting/amount of quilting you chose, you may or may not need to add the cardstock behind the paper.

Congratulations! You now have your quilted chore chart/weekly menu. Chloe loves to put stickers on the chores she completes!

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