Tuesday, 5 November 2013

To the quild we go!

This week was our monthly guild meeting and I finally officially joined (rather than attending as a guest). This was exciting in its own, I am finally sharing and acknowledging this little love of mine. We had Kristy Daum of St. Louis Folk Victorian speaking to us about her Dr. Who quilt. How exciting it was! I love seeing face to face people I follow online, or quilts that people gawk at and take pictures of! You can find all her amazing work, including that stunning hybrid-pixel quilt here : http://stlouisfolkvictorian.blogspot.ca

What was even more thrilling than my new venture into the guild was the fact that my husband was right there beside me. My husband is always supporting me and pushing me to acknoweldge my interest and talents and turn them into something like a business (or a blog!). He is always right beside me... from the delivery room to my craft show booth that man does not miss a minute... The guild is no different, and sometimes he ends up asking more questions than I do! It is so fun to share our passions with each other! I am very blessed to have him (and I believe he will be quilting himself one day! I think the bug will bite soon).

He is so cute! My hair looks a little silly here... stuck in a bobby pin... 2012
This week I also did a photoshoot with my little assistants down by the water front. We took pictures of the mermaid applique quilt that I was originally making for my neice, but my daughter put in 'dibs' first! She loved this mermaid so much she cried at the thought of parting. She placed all the starfish and really did "help" as much as a three year old can. So.... its hers!

This is the mermaid quilt- Spring 2013.
This quilt had to have Chloe in the picture because she simply loves it. It was applique, and free motion quilting. It was an all over stippling design followed by some more intricate designs in the borders. I used the fusible product "Heat and Bond Lite" to fuse the fish, seaweed ect. The mermaid was not fused down, I found pins did just fine to hold her in place. There will be more on this quilt int he "Applique" section of the blog very soon.

Hope you have a great week! It is very cold up here in Ottawa but that just means more inside time for quilting! Have a great fall day!

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