Friday, 1 November 2013

This was Halloween, This was Halloween

This was Halloween.

Chloe showing off her goodies for friends

This was a very tasty Halloween.
This was a very dressed up Halloween.  
                                                                   And all good witches have a cauldron to pull candy from!

This was a make-it-yourself super cute Halloween!

Ok, enough with the cute family pics, time to quilt. Before I get there though I would like to say that when sewing the cuddle fabrics, there are tips to remember. The cuddle fabrics are becoming very popular for quilts, and why not, they are great for babies! The white in the panda costume I made for my daughter was a cuddle fleece, and let me tell you, my machine was not impressed. There was fluff everywhere, and even though I had just changed the needle, it was nearly garbage after getting through the thick cabbage-roll fleece. So, if you are going to sew with cuddle fleece, keep those needles separate, and make sure to really clean your machine after. Also, I found a wet cloth rubbed over the fluffy fabric helped grab all the bits that were about to fly away, it helps with all the lint.

Halloween Wall Hanging
 This is my Halloween wall hanging! The picture is a little wonky and an odd angle, it really hangs pretty straight. I found that the dense quilting was a little tricky to keep it hanging as a square, and I will say that it is important to make sure that accross the quilt, you generally have the same density. I tried to stick with a 1/4 inch scale on this quilt. It took a lot of thread but it was so much fun!

 I appliqued all the pieces onto a flat black square. This means that by the end of quilt there might be 3 or even 4 layers of fabric. I machine stitched all around. When I applique I prefer to use a tight 0.6mm width zigzag with a stitch length of 1.5mm. I find this works the best to get a nice line around that really holds down the applique, even after washing.
 I hate scraps. I mean, I really hate scraps. Scraps of novelty prints? I could just die. I find the novelty prints are really fabrics that eat up space and never leave. You pay a lot for them and can only use them on their intended occasion, such as candy corn Halloween fabric! Thus, I made a door hanger. It was made completely out of scraps. Even the backing. I really love my free-motion spider web quilting. Holidays are a great time to try something daring! :)

Well thats all for now, enjoy fall, it is my favourite season to sew. Its cool outside so it makes us want to bundle up with a quilt, a picture book and a pre-schooler! Or is that just me?

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