Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Christmas Prepping for Quilters

I have been absent so long!

Well with Christmas around the corner I am sewing like a crazy woman. I mean seriously crazy, talking to my cat crazy, slipping discs in my back so having to 'mod' my sewing chair crazy.

I LOVE making homemade Christmas presents. I love sewing away working on extra details to make something look so nice people ask where I bought it. I love answering "I made it for you". I think it adds a little love.. rather than sending out too many gift cards that have the tendency of saying "Look, I checked you off my list!". Not that gift cards are bad, I purchase some for the season as well.

Some tips for holiday sewing!

1. Do not start too many projects, it really takes away from the experience (I promise I did not follow this list, but I highly suggest this)

2. Do not expect it to cost less than a store bought gift! Sewing supplies are expensive and sometimes shortcuts are just as noticeable as a cheap gift. I am not saying it has to be pricey, but be realistic about how much thread costs, ect.
(side note, my husband recently added up how much I spend on thread.. his jaw was catchin' flies!)

3. Try to ensure the person receiving the gift actually wants it. Not everyone knows the value of a quilt, for those people, why not make a wall hanging style or decorative table runner?

As a farewell, I would also encourage you to really think about the person while sewing their gift, it really changes the way you look at gift giving. Spending 30 hours making a quilt will require deeper thoughts than an hour at the mall thinking about that person. Also, why not bind your quilted gift in front of the tv watching the Grinch with little ones while sipping peppermint hot chocolates?

Enjoy the holiday sewing season! We start much earlier than your typical gift giver!

photo courtesy of www.zazzle.com

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