Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Making Holiday Memories with Intention

Good- very cold - morning! Its a chilly -17 out today and I really wish the garbage would take itself out. We are finally winding down from all the fun events the holiday brought to our family. In the last few years we have started some family traditions of our own (our family only being 5 years old) and it got me to thinking about traditions.

Matching dresses Christmas Day

When you are little, traditional activities like Christmas cookies, cards, movies to watch and places to visit, all just happened at the holidays. It was effortless, it was magical, you could just feel it. It isn't until we are much older we realize that all those special things took effort from someone. These activities and traditions took intention - an intention to create memories, and intention to pass on ideas to the next generation. As a mom, this en devour lands on my plate.

We take our family to Parc Omega every year (a few times a year actually) but always once between Christmas and New Years. There is something about a giant Wapiti (type of large deer) sticking its slobbery nose in your car for a big carrot that makes everybody laugh. I really have a passion for nature and animals. I feel that the more children are exposed to nature and animals, the more they will make healthy choices for themselves and their planet. The more we understand nature, we understand that we are a part of nature. 

So even though this meant packing up the kids, packing food, budgeting the activity, messing up our nap schedule, it did not bother me. These are memories. This was going great -- but then my husband decided he had some intentions and traditions to create too. My lovely husband decided he would get our daughter excited for skiing this year! So I am all.... "Yay! Physical activity! Showing bravery! Being outdoors! Learning things together!!".... Unfortunately I am terrified of skiing! 

We survived our Camp Fortune ski trip!
This put me in a bit of pickle... I had to put my money where my mouth was. It is 2016 after all, it is a great time to conquer a fear, be healthier, spend time with family... all good new year type of stuff. So I am happy to report that we had an amazing time and I definitely conquered my fear! We got the little one babysat and spent a whole day with our big girl (a blessing in itself!). 

So basically I am writing today about setting a positive intention for your family - put effort into making memories, into making traditions. Your children may never thank you, but when they have families of their own, they just might keep that positive intention and actions going. I will be so sad the day the I have to drive to the reindeer park by myself and look a little crazy clapping as I usher over giant deer with my carrot!

Enjoy the new year! Lots of quilting coming up next week when I show you some awesome family projects I have started, a wool coat that is free motion quilted and a free paper piecing project with a local Ontario theme!

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