Sunday, 10 January 2016

Beginner Chunky Chevron Lap Quilt

Hey folks, this quilt tutorial will live here on the homepage but will be moving to a new "Tutorials" button within the coming weeks! (so much content, so little time).

I love this quilt -- it honestly takes less than an afternoon to put together. The colours are totally up to you, they could be contrasting, but they don't have to be. This quilt would look good I believe with any three fabrics - hey, lets be crazy make it more than three! Important part is to have fun! Make a quilt!

  • From each of your three fabrics you need to cut 10 squares.
  • Each piece should measure 10.5" square.

  • On all 10 of the white squares, and 5 of the yellow squares, you need to mark a diagonal line on the wrong side of your fabric.
  • Using a quilting ruler is a great way, and the ink can be permanent. The drawn line will be hidden in the seam allowance, it will not show in your quilt.

You need to pin your fabric with right sides together.
5 white squares to 5 yellow (unmarked) squares
5 white squares to 5 grey squares
5 marked yellow squares to 5 grey squares.

Sewing your blocks (The best part!)
Now you need to sew a 1/4" seam on either side of the line that we had drawn down the middle of our pinned squares.

Once you have sewn down either side of the line, use the drawn line as a cutting guide and split the sewn blocks in half! Press with your iron to open up the 2 squares you have created.
Sew all 15 blocks, and cut down the middle to make 30 blocks.

Now that you have sewn your blocks, start assembling them into rows.

Use the title picture of the quilt as a layout.
Sew your vertical rows, then join your rows together to finish your quilt top.
I like to use pins during this stage to keep my rows from shifting around while I sew.

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