Thursday, 17 October 2013

Welcome, welcome!

I am a mother, I am a quilter, I am Canadian! This is the very first blog post and here we go! I will put an 'about' section up very soon, but for now I will give you the quick summary.

I am a young mom living in Ottawa, Canada with my husband and darling daughter. My daughter, Chloe, is 3 years old and basically runs my life. Her needs taught me to sew, her vibrancy is always my inspiration. I learned to sew by creating the bedding for her nursery with my mother, then I made all her clothes, now I got bit by the quilting bug and it has stuck! My husband is a tech guy who loves all the quilting tools, currently he is really excited about a craft cutter.

I promise that any quilts I make I will make a little formula here for you! Quilts are expensive enough and if I went through the trouble to make it, I am going to share them with you! I try to take as many photos along the way as I go ( stressing the word try here, my three year old keeps me rushing sometimes!).

Thanks for stopping by, I will try to blog as much as possible and share my life with you, and don't worry, my life always involves a quilt or two.

This picture is from a baby quilt I did some English paper piecing. More to come soon!

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