Saturday, 19 October 2013

The Paper Peicing Plunge

I have always considered myself a rookie quilter, only quilting for a year or two now, but not anymore. I have paper peiced!! Yes, its true, I took the plunge. With the paper peicing I think the best advice I can give to someone like myself who swore I could never do it, is to watch a really fantastic tutorial online. I know we love our live classes, but when you are sitting at your machine, it can sometimes help to have a 30- second replay.

I watched the Craftsy BOM with Amy Gibson (Craftsy) , I watched it over and over and over. Finally I got it! I have decided I am doing a whole quilt made out of 'Circle of Geese' blocks. Scrap-busting galore with paper peicing because you only need small scraps, all put together little peice by little peice. Its simply amazing after you get it, you just run with it.

With paper peicing you print your pattern (or trace it like me when your  printer decides to go on the fritz right when inspiration strikes!) and get your fabric pieces ready. Make sure for each peice of the pattern, the fabric peice you select is about half an inch bigger on each side, this helps for the first time. You attatch the fabric to the back of the pattern, with a pin or glue, then fold over the pattern on that line, and match up the ajoining peice, fold the paper back flat and sew on the line.

I will post some pictures this afternoon of how I am paper peicing. Of course there are so many types!

Never be afraid to try something, if you take your time, you can succeed.

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