Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Oh Valentines, you simply add to my novelty problems!

The last few weeks I have been sewing pretty steadily. This year has been about accuracy and taking my time with projects, not taking on too many at one time. This has actually been going fairly well I have to say!

One of the biggest parts of this commitment to accuracy has been keeping my fabric room immaculately clean and organised. This means I have been organising my fabric every few days, keeping everything folded and arranged according to size and colour family. Being the mom of a pre-schooler, my fabrics tend to be mostly novelty or very bright colours.
So many novelties.

Valentines Day Runner

The last couple weeks were mostly dedicated to valentines. I made a table runner out of some scraps, but the majority of the sewing and novelty prints were dedicated to the princess of Valentines day!

Also this week I have been reading "Paper Piecing for Perfect Points", a book by Debby Kratovil. Her book has beautiful wall hangings in large sizes.  I am enjoying the book because of the amount of techniques that are used in one wall hanging. The piece from the book I am working on is this pattern;

Taken from the book by Debby Kratovil, "Paper Piecing for Perfect Points"

I decided to make this paper pieced quilt, mixed with some Y-seams, to use up some large pieces of fabric I have purchased and never used. I am using some bright blues and pinks that have a water theme, mixed with some low value purples. This was going very well until I paper pieced them backwards. I do not know how I did this, in fact I may have invented a new way of paper piecing if it weren't for the top stitching that is then visible on every piece. Oh well, part of being accurate with my quilting is 'un-quilting' when it isn't perfect.

That's all to report for today. I am keeping my biggest project a surprise until completion! Keep checking back!

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